Social Guidebook to Norway

Your guidebook to the
work culture of Norway

Sean Percival presents his reflections and learnings, giving unique insights into the way Norwegians and Scandinavians do business. This outsider’s view is packed with tips and tricks so that foreigners and Norwegians can be better at doing business together.

What’s Inside Working with Norwegians Social Guidebook to Norway

  • Welcome to Norway! 
  • Norwegian Values at Work
    • The Law of Jante in business
    • Working to live, not living to work
  • Working in Norway
    • How not to appear too American
    • Making business contacts in a shy country
    • Meeting room culture best practices
    • Coffee, waffles and brown cheese: The foods of Norwegian business
  • Etiquette, Gifting and Mixing Business with Pleasure
    • Using titles and first names
    • Who’s paying for dinner?
    • Dressing for success
    • Norwegian drinking culture and Julebord
    • Sleeping with Norwegians
  • Dealmaking in Norway
    • Building trust 
    • How Norwegians manage risk
    • How to operate on Norwegian time
    • Negotiating techniques
    • Contracts and the fine print
    • The art (and power) of the handshake
  • Why Norway? A Closing
  • Glossary of Norwegian Business Terms

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