Working with Norwegians Reviews

If you have read my book and wish to leave a review it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few reviews from others:

“For foreigners coming to Norway this is vital resource for understanding how to work with us. For the Norwegians this is the best book you can read at your cabin on a Friday morning along with your coffee and eggs.”

Jørn S. Haanæs
Director, Oslo Business Region

Sean gives unique and valuable insights into what it’s like to work with Norwegians. His first hand experience and humorous approach makes for an enjoyable read. I wish I had a resource like this when I started working in Norway!

Barbara Hueppe
Former Head of Corporate Communications for Gelato and Mozilla

It’s a valuable book on the shelf as there are limited publications for the outsider to understand Norway and also for Norwegians to understand themselves through other’s eyes. As an ethnography it’s understood that it is not a data or statistic driven book as one reader asks for, that would be additional research that needs to be done, and should be.

Shane Murray

First, let me say that I’ve found the writing style and the pace excellent, which makes it very easy to read. While you can get a great summary of the Norwegian values & traditions from it, some parts of the book are definitely relevant only if your job involves making business deals with Norwegians (sales person, investor, etc.). Definitely worth reading if you just arrived in Norway


I recently moved to Norway and this book has been a wonderful, funny and insightful guide on how to best understand and adapt to the local work culture. Highly recommend!

Krisel Tuul
Head of Growth CHOOOSE

I think this book is great! I have recommended it several times for both Norwegians and non Norwegians. So why is it great for both? Norwegians get an insight into how we behave and get to giggle about it. For non Norwegians they will get to know what to expect when arriving in Norway and starting their professional life here.

Adrian Langfeldt

What a great book! Not only for foreigners, but also for Norwegians. Full of insights and a great way to read about cultural differences.

Cristina Eilertsen
Oracle Norway

I think most readers, whether they are Norwegians or from other countries will learn a few things that can avoid some of the cultural challenges that Sean points to in the book. I’ve found the writing style and the pace excellent, which makes it very easy to read!

Finn Magnus Holden
Business Developer at Norwegian startup Unloc