Working with Norwegians Book

The Loud American

Working with Norwegians

The Loud American presents his reflections and learnings, giving unique insights into the way Norwegians and Scandinavians do business. This outsider’s view is packed with tips and tricks so that foreigners and Norwegians can be better at doing business together.


Pages full of stories and practical tips for working with Norwegians

Playful and humorous illustrations of “animals” you meet working in Norway

Bad jokes about how awful the weather is in Norway

Years of tough research trying to make small talk with Norweigans

About the Loud American

Sean Percival is an American Venture Capitalist and author who has spent the last several years in Norway. Through his work in the Norwegian startup ecosystem he has interacted with Norwegian businesses of all sizes and across every major national industry. His experience has shown him that business environments benefit greatly from international diversity and that multicultural companies are more competitive, more creative and have more fun.

Who This Book Is For


For foreigners living and working in Norway


For Norwegians looks to better understand multi-cultural work enviroments


As a welcome guide to new international staff working in Norway


The ultimate gift for anyone doing business in Norway.

Still not convinced?

For Non-Norwegians

This is the greatest book EVER written about working with Norwegians. It’s better than all other books on the Norwegian culture. It will make you smarter, better looking and more successful. You must have this book. Buy it now!

For Norwegians

This book is about working with Norwegians. It is not any better than other books, but some people believe it is good. Not excellent, but good enough. It tells you how you may be perceived at work. You can buy it if you want, but you do not need to.

What People Are Saying


For foreigners coming to Norway this is vital resource for understanding how to work with us. For the Norwegians this is the best book you can read at your cabin on a Friday morning along with your coffee and eggs.

Jørn S. Haanæs Director, Oslo Business Region

Sean gives unique and valuable insights into what it’s like to work with Norwegians. His first hand experience and humorous approach makes for an enjoyable read. I wish I had a resource like this when I started working in Norway!

Barbara Hueppe Former Head of Corporate Communications for Gelato and Mozilla

What’s Inside the Book

Welcome to Norway!
Animals You'll Meet Working With Norwegians

An introduction to the animals you’ll meet in the book and while doing business in Norway

Norwegian Values at Work
Working in Norway
      • Inside a Norwegian office
      • Corporate hierarchy
      • Speaking the language
      • How not to appear too American
      • Making business contacts in a shy country
      • Meeting room culture best practices
      • Coffee, waffles and brown cheese: The foods of Norwegian business
Etiquette, Gifting and Mixing Business with Pleasure
        • Using titles and first names
        • Who’s paying for dinner?
        • Dressing for success
        • Norwegian drinking culture and julebord
        • Romance in the workplace
Dealmaking in Norway
          • Building trust
          • How Norwegians manage risk
          • How to operate on Norwegian time
          • Negotiating techniques
          • Contracts and the fine print
          • The art (and power) of the handshake
Why Norway? A Closing
Glossary of Norwegian Business Terms

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