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Are Norwegians Lazy?

For many Norwegians work-life balance is incredibly important.

With a heavier emphasis on the life balance part.

The ideal Norwegian maintains a delicate balance in his or her life, optimizing both for efficiency but also optimal relaxation time. This is best described as working to live, and not living to work. So greater joy is taken in say getting to the ski slopes, or just enjoying a quiet evening at homes with some candles lit than say working extra hours to advance in the workplace. 

This sometimes causes Norwegians to be perceived as lazy, which is not entirely accurate. You don’t often meet many lazy cultures who enjoy 4-hour mountain hikes and many other types of physical punishment such as cross country skiing.

In truth, the modern Norwegian is actually highly efficient in the workplace. That makes it easier for them to put the work aside at the end of the day and get back to enjoying life. They also take great pride in their work so even if it takes longer to accomplish that perfectly alright.