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Construction Jobs in Norway

Construction jobs in Norway offer a great opportunity for qualified workers who are looking for employment opportunities abroad. Norway is known for its high standard of living and its strong economy, making it a prime destination for construction workers. Here is a brief guide to construction jobs in Norway.

Types of Construction Jobs

The construction industry in Norway offers a wide range of job opportunities, including:

  1. Construction workers: Construction workers are responsible for performing a variety of tasks, such as digging trenches, pouring concrete, and erecting structures.
  2. Electricians: Electricians install and maintain electrical systems in buildings and structures.
  3. Plumbers: Plumbers install and maintain plumbing systems in buildings and structures.
  4. Carpenters: Carpenters construct and repair building frameworks and structures.

Qualifications and Requirements

To work in the construction industry in Norway, foreign workers must meet certain qualifications and requirements. These include:

  1. Work permit and residency: Foreign workers must have a work permit and residency in Norway in order to work legally. These can be obtained through the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).
  2. Language skills: While English is widely spoken in Norway, knowledge of the Norwegian language can be an advantage in the construction industry. It is important to have a basic understanding of Norwegian in order to communicate with colleagues and supervisors.
  3. Qualifications and certifications: Depending on the type of construction job, workers may need to have specific qualifications and certifications. For example, electricians and plumbers must have a valid trade certificate.

Finding Construction Jobs

There are several ways to find construction jobs in Norway, including:

  1. Online job listings: Many construction companies in Norway post job listings online, including on job search websites such as,, and
  2. Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies such as JobbNorge and Nordic Jobs Worldwide can help foreign workers find construction jobs in Norway.
  3. Networking: Networking can be an important part of finding a construction job in Norway. Attending industry events and connecting with professionals in your field through social media platforms such as LinkedIn can help you make connections and find job opportunities.
  4. Direct application: Some construction companies in Norway may accept direct applications from foreign workers. It is important to research the company and ensure that you meet all of the qualifications and requirements before applying.

Construction Salaries and Benefits

Construction salaries in Norway are among the highest in the world, with an average salary of around 500,000 NOK (approximately $60,000 USD) per year. Construction workers in Norway receive benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and a generous pension plan. In addition, construction companies in Norway offer professional development opportunities and support for continuing education.


Construction jobs in Norway offer a great opportunity for qualified workers who are looking for employment opportunities abroad. By following the qualifications and requirements, networking, and applying to available job listings, foreign workers can find a fulfilling career in the Norwegian construction industry.