Working With Norwegians

How to Work with Your Norwegian Colleagues During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus has gripped the world and made its way to Norway, potentially impacting millions of working Norwegians.

How can you stay safe and virus free even up in the cold north? Here are a few recommended tips to help you out in the workplace.

  1. Avoid small talk with coworkers.
  2. Avoid all personal interaction with colleagues, especially in the morning. Just take your seat and no need to say a word.
  3. Go to the doctor even if you don’t feel symptoms. It’s better to wait in line at the hospital then risk infecting others at work. And hey, it’s mostly free thanks to socialized medicine.
  4. Take another unnecessary vacation. Not so much to travel and further risk exposure but because you likely have the vacation time available.
  5. Avoid individual praise of coworkers. Not only is it discouraged but it might require you to get within speaking distance of a colleague.
  6. Cancel that meeting that was meant to plan a future meeting. There will be plenty of time for meetings when this all blows over.
  7. Wrap yourself in no less than 3 layers of wool. As most Norwegians will tell you wool is always the answer.
  8. Wear a face mask. Made of wool.
  9. Gargle with Akevitt every morning.
  10. When making your boring cold sandwich lunch use gloves (made of wool) to avoid touching the food directly.

We hope these tips are helpful and keep you both virus and social interaction-free. We’re all in this together. Except of course for those of you who have already retreated to your vacation home in Spain.