Working With Norwegians

Norwegian Risk Appetite in Business


The typical Norwegian will take great risks in nature.

They will go on long extended hikes in the middle of nowhere.

They cross country skiing in the very cold snow. 

They perch high above the daunting mountains that line the beautiful fjords, dangling their feet precariously. 

They jump in freezing lakes without much concern.

And after all those adventures they’ll often consume alcohol at an alarming rate.

This type of risk is encouraged in Norwegian society, even admired. However, things are a little different when it comes to risk in business.  

Norwegians manage risk in business one very simple way: by avoiding it all costs.

Ok, perhaps that’s not entirely true, but it does sometimes feel this way as you start working with Norwegians.

Getting them to try a new product, make a large business deal, or try a new business strategy will no doubt be one of your greatest challenges.