Romance in Norwegian Workplace

Romance in the Norwegian Workplace


While working in Norway you’re going to want to sleep with Norwegians, and that’s perfectly alright! After all, Norway’s greatest importer of foreigners is not through immigration or job placements, but through love itself. And there is no shortage of ridiculously good-looking people to fall in love with here, even if that’s just for one night.

As a foreigner you’ll often be asked, “So, what brought you to Norway?” or the more direct, “Why Norway?”. In many cases this will be the first question they ask. Norwegians are eager to ask foreigners this question because they are almost always expecting you to say because of love. While Norway is a vibrant country full of many opportunities many Norwegians struggle to understand why a foreigner would come here. It is of course not typically because of the amazing weather or low cost of living. If you moved to Spain or France, you are far less likely to get this question as often as one does in Norway. In a business setting, this can be problematic. If you begrudgingly respond that “Yes, I’m here for love”. That can actually have a negative impact on your perception from others. I think it’s partially related to giving the appearance of being too cliché, but in some cases that your own commitment to Norway is not tied to the society as a whole, but only to a single individual Norwegian. You’ll have to work extra hard to show your appreciation for Norway and respect to the entire country and its history.

I also think that Norwegians view their people (especially the very good-looking ones) as a finite resource. They are therefore not super-excited about a bunch of foreigners swinging in and taking them off the market. Their ancestors, after all, worked hard to drag (literally) the best-looking people from around Europe back to Norway during their many Viking conquests.

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