Working With Norwegians

The Typical Norwegian Business Man

The typical Norwegian businessman or ‘den typiske nordmann’, is the Fox and he’s the proudest Norwegian you’ll meet. He’s proud of his country and even more proud of his cross-country skiing. For him, a physical activity like cross-country skiing is one of the few times he can get hyper-competitive. When physical activity is involved then it’s OK in Norway. That’s because one does not win in sports by simply being a slick salesperson or ruthless in business dealings.

In physical competition, you have to put in the work. You have to extend your own limitations and practice often. You have to take great pride in the effort to truly master it. This is what earns great respect from other Norwegians. The Fox competes in the Birkebeinerrennet, a famous ski race in Norway that business executives often participate in. His company has its own team and his achievement in the tracks has become as important as his resume. He wears his very expensive sports outfits around town and even at the office sometimes, as this is how Norwegian shows status through clothing. When it is done during a sport or physical activity context it is allowed. This also includes the brand of wool he wears as it sends a subtle signal about his social status.

The Fox is a global traveler but skeptical of foreigners who come to Norway for business. He feels that business in Norway is best done by and with other Norwegians. Do you work with The Typical Norwegian Business Man aka The Fox? Read ‘The Loud American: Working with Norwegians‘ to learn about this type of Norwegian animal and much much more.