Working With Norwegians

What is Friluftsliv? Norwegian Love of Nature

[pronounced free-loofts-liv]

Loosely translates to “open-air living” is a big part of Norwegian culture and country heritage. It means a commitment to celebrate the outdoors and spending time outdoors. Even if the weather is not so great.

friluftsliv, which roughly translates to “open-air living” and is deeply engrained in Norway's heritage.

The famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen coined the term in 1859 but even today friluftsliv is still very much a part of Norwegian culture. In Norwegian society, it is encouraged to spend some of your free time outdoors. To enjoy nature is to be Norwegian.

And there might be something to this way of thinking. Many experts believe that spending time in nature boosts well-being and happiness. Perhaps this is why Norway is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries.

friluftsliv may help explain Norway's ranking among the world’s happiest places

So if you’re wondering why Norwegians have a borderline fetish over nature now you know why. It’s because of friluftsliv.