Working With Norwegians

What is Pinse in Norway?

Much like Ascension Day, Pinse is another Christian based public holiday in Norway. It is also known as Whit Monday.

This holiday takes place 10 days after Ascension Day and falls on a Sunday and Monday. It’s considered a public holiday and long weekend in Norway.

How do Norwegians celebrate Pinse?

As it’s a religious holiday most Norwegians don’t do much in terms of observance. This is a society that would much rather spend their Sundays on a hike than sitting in a church.

Still, Norwegians enjoy taking all faith-based public holidays because they have faith in something also considered a divine experience here. That being a rare sunny day in Norway. You see the majority of these religious holidays fall in May and June, right when Spring is starting and the sun makes its first real showing since lasts summer. So Norwegians celebrate the day the best way they know-how.

At their summer cabin and with close access to nature.

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