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Frogner Neighborhood of Oslo

Frogner is a neighborhood in the western part of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Known for its leafy streets, elegant architecture, and lively social scene, Frogner is one of the most desirable areas to live in Oslo. Here is a guide to Frogner, including its history, attractions, shopping, housing, food and drink, and a conclusion.

Frogner History

Frogner has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. Originally a separate municipality, Frogner was annexed by the city of Oslo in 1947. The neighborhood has undergone significant development over the years, with many of its historic buildings and parks preserved and restored.

Frogner Attractions

Frogner is home to several notable attractions, including:

  1. Frogner Park: Frogner Park is one of Oslo’s most popular attractions, featuring a collection of over 200 bronze, granite, and cast iron sculptures by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland.
  2. Frogner House: Frogner House is a historic building in the center of Frogner that has been converted into luxury apartments and suites.
  3. The Royal Palace: The Royal Palace is located on the outskirts of Frogner and is the official residence of the Norwegian monarch.
  4. The Viking Ship Museum: The Viking Ship Museum is located nearby and features three Viking ships that were discovered in Oslofjord in the late 1800s.

Frogner Shopping

Frogner is known for its upscale shopping, with several high-end stores and boutiques located in the neighborhood. Some of the best shopping destinations in Frogner include:

  1. Frognerveien: Frognerveien is a popular shopping street in Frogner that features a range of stores, including fashion boutiques, furniture stores, and specialty food shops.
  2. Hegdehaugsveien: Hegdehaugsveien is another popular shopping street in Frogner, featuring a range of high-end fashion boutiques and home decor stores.
  3. Frogner Design: Frogner Design is a design store located in the heart of Frogner that features a range of Scandinavian-inspired furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Frogner Housing

Housing in Frogner is known for its grand, historic buildings and elegant apartments. Many of the buildings in Frogner date back to the early 1900s and feature intricate architectural details and beautiful interior finishes. Housing in Frogner can be expensive, with some of the most desirable apartments and houses costing several million dollars.

Frogner Food and Drink

Frogner is home to several top-rated restaurants and cafes, offering a range of cuisine from around the world. Some of the best places to eat and drink in Frogner include:

  1. Kaffebrenneriet: Kaffebrenneriet is a local coffee chain with several locations in Frogner, offering high-quality coffee and light snacks.
  2. Engebret Cafe: Engebret Cafe is a historic cafe in Frogner that has been serving traditional Norwegian dishes since 1857.
  3. Villa Paradiso: Villa Paradiso is a popular pizzeria in Frogner that offers a range of Neapolitan-style pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes.


Frogner is one of Oslo’s most desirable neighborhoods, offering a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a lively social scene. With its upscale shopping, top-rated restaurants, and beautiful parks, Frogner is a great place to live or visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Oslo.

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