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Gamle Oslo Neighborhood of Oslo

Gamle Oslo, which means “Old Oslo,” is a historic neighborhood in the heart of Oslo, Norway. The neighborhood is rich in history, with buildings and landmarks dating back to the 17th century. In this article, we will explore the history of Gamle Oslo, as well as its top attractions, shopping destinations, housing options, and food and drink scene.

Gamle Oslo History

Gamle Oslo was founded in the 11th century and served as the main city center until the late 19th century. Many historic buildings and landmarks can be found in Gamle Oslo, including the Old Oslo City Hall, which dates back to the 17th century. The neighborhood also features several churches, such as the Old Aker Church, which was built in the 12th century.

Gamle Oslo Attractions

Gamle Oslo is home to several popular attractions, including the Munch Museum, which features works by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Another popular attraction is the Botanical Garden, which offers a peaceful escape from the city and showcases a wide variety of plant species. The neighborhood is also home to the Oslo Opera House, a stunning architectural masterpiece that offers breathtaking views of the city.

Gamle Oslo Shopping

Gamle Oslo offers a variety of shopping destinations, from vintage boutiques to modern shopping centers. One popular destination is the Grønland Market, which features vendors selling fresh produce, seafood, and other food items. The neighborhood also has several vintage and antique stores, such as Fretex Vintage and Frøken Dianas Salonger.

Gamle Oslo Housing

Gamle Oslo offers a variety of housing options, from historic apartments to modern condos. Many of the apartments in the neighborhood feature traditional Norwegian architecture, such as wooden beams and sloping roofs. Gamle Oslo is also home to several student housing options, such as the Grønlandsleiret Student House.

Gamle Oslo Food and Drink

Gamle Oslo is home to a vibrant food and drink scene, with many restaurants, cafes, and bars offering a wide range of cuisines. One popular restaurant is Lofthus Samvirkelag, which offers traditional Norwegian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Another popular destination is Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri, a microbrewery that offers a wide variety of craft beers.


Gamle Oslo is a historic neighborhood with a rich history and many attractions to explore. Whether you’re interested in exploring the area’s history, shopping for unique finds, or enjoying the vibrant food and drink scene, Gamle Oslo has something to offer. With a variety of housing options and a central location, it’s no wonder that Gamle Oslo is a popular destination for visitors and residents alike.

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