Norwegian Fashion Working With Norwegians

Norwegian Office Dress Code

By European standards especially, but even by American standards, Norwegian business dress code would be considered informal and casual.

In Norway it’s less important to display one’s wealth through fashion as you might see elsewhere. 

In fact, wearing exotic or ostentatious outfits is usually discouraged in a business setting. Heaven forbid one stands out and attempts to bend the Law of Jante with a fabulous neckline.

Men typically wear conservative business suits in most industries: A blazer and trousers with no tie.

Norwegian business men tend to opt for a simple backpack (locally called a rucksack) instead of a traditional briefcase or more fashionable bag. The most popular brand backpack in Norway is funny named douchebag.

For women in most industries, a well-tailored dress, trousers or pantsuit works just fine.

For jewelry, it’s usually minimal and understated.

All of this is not to say that Norwegians don’t appreciate fashion! In fact, they dress very well and purchase a lot of clothing from their slightly more fashion-savvy neighbor Sweden.

So that’s pretty straightforward right? Norwegian women own plenty of amazing, high-end clothes, they simply rarely wear them. Men wear ties but no shoes to parties and don’t wear ties to work.

Welcome to Norway!