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The Norweigan forspiel or pre-party

Forspiel is a term used in Norwegian culture to describe a pre-party, or pre-gaming, event where friends gather to socialize and drink before heading out to a club or other social event. Forspiel is an important part of Norwegian culture, as it allows people to bond and connect before a night out. Here is a guide to forspiel, including its origins and customs.

Origins of Forspiel

The term forspiel comes from the German word “vorspiel,” which means prelude or overture. The term was first introduced to Norwegian culture in the 1970s, and has since become a popular part of Norwegian nightlife.

Customs of Forspiel

Forspiel typically takes place at someone’s home, and involves drinking and socializing with friends before heading out for the night. Here are some customs of forspiel:

  1. Drinking games: Drinking games are a common activity during forspiel. Popular games include “kongen,” where players take turns drawing cards and the person who draws the king must drink, and “sannhet eller konsekvens,” which is the Norwegian version of truth or dare.
  2. Snacks: Snacks are often served during forspiel, and can include chips, nuts, and other finger foods.
  3. Music: Music is an important part of forspiel, and hosts often create playlists to set the mood for the night.
  4. Dress code: While there is no formal dress code for forspiel, people often dress up for the occasion in anticipation of the night ahead.
  5. Time: Forspiel typically lasts for a few hours before the group heads out for the night. It is important to pace oneself during forspiel in order to enjoy the rest of the night.

Benefits of Forspiel

Forspiel is an important part of Norwegian culture, and offers several benefits to those who participate. Here are some benefits of forspiel:

  1. Bonding: Forspiel allows friends to bond and connect before a night out, which can help to strengthen relationships.
  2. Cost-effective: Drinking and socializing at home during forspiel is a cost-effective alternative to drinking and socializing at a club or bar.
  3. Control: Forspiel allows people to control their environment and their level of intoxication before heading out for the night.
  4. Safety: Forspiel can also be a safer option than going straight to a club or bar, as it allows people to establish a designated driver or plan for transportation.


Forspiel is an important part of Norwegian culture, and offers a unique opportunity for friends to bond and socialize before a night out. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, forspiel is a great way to experience Norwegian nightlife and connect with new people. Just remember to pace yourself, enjoy the snacks and music, and have a great time!