Working With Norwegians

Will Ferrell Hates Norway ?

It seems American actor and comedian Will Ferrell doesn’t like Norway but what gives?

General Motors has released a few previews of their upcoming ad campaign to air during this year’s Super Bowl. The ads feature Will Ferrell sharing his dislike for Norway! How rude!

He hits upon several true albeit easy jokes at Norway’s expensive. The fact that pretty everyone is named Olav here for example and that Norwegians are well known for their love of both skiing and fish.

We’ll have to wait until February 7th to find out why he hates Norway so much. Although early guesses center around the fact that Norway has done so well with electric vehicle adoption, something GM also hopes to achieve back in America. So it’s probably more about jealousy than genuine hatred.

Until then, when we can see the full ads and their Norway trashing talking glory, enjoy these ad previews:

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