Working With Norwegians

The Norwegian Bus

Norwegians are known for their polite and respectful behavior, and this extends to their behavior on public transportation, such as buses. Here is a guide to how Norwegians act on a bus, including sections and headings.

Getting on the Bus

When getting on the bus, Norwegians typically form a line and wait for passengers to exit the bus before boarding. They do not push or shove, and they make an effort to avoid blocking the doorway. If the bus is crowded, they will often stand aside to allow passengers to exit before entering the bus.

Taking a Seat

Norwegians generally prefer to sit alone on the bus, so they will often choose an empty seat rather than sitting next to someone. If the bus is crowded and all the seats are taken, they will often choose a seat next to someone of the same gender.

While sitting on the bus, Norwegians tend to keep to themselves and avoid talking loudly or engaging in disruptive behavior. They will often read a book, listen to music, or use their phone, but they do so quietly and without disturbing others.

Behavior Towards Others

Norwegians on a bus tend to be respectful and polite towards others. They do not engage in loud or disruptive behavior, and they avoid using foul language or making offensive gestures. If they need to speak to someone, they will do so in a polite and quiet manner.

Norwegians also tend to be patient and understanding towards elderly or disabled passengers, offering them a seat if they need it and being helpful if they require assistance getting on or off the bus.

Paying for the Bus

When paying for the bus, Norwegians will typically use a ticket machine or a travel card. They will avoid using cash whenever possible, as many buses in Norway are cashless. If they need to pay with cash, they will have the exact change ready in advance to avoid holding up the line.

Getting Off the Bus

When getting off the bus, Norwegians will typically press the stop button well in advance of their stop to signal the driver. They will gather their belongings and move towards the door, being careful not to block the path of others.

Norwegians will often thank the bus driver as they exit the bus, and they will avoid rushing or pushing to get off the bus quickly.


Norwegians are known for their polite and respectful behavior, and this extends to their behavior on public transportation such as buses. They are patient, understanding, and avoid disruptive behavior. By following these guidelines and being considerate of others, Norwegians ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone on the bus.